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Our job at Pro Street Automotive is to look after the health, well-being, and performance of your vehicle. Primarily we focus on what is happening under the hood and under the vehicle itself. That’s why we like to provide you tips for the things we don’t do so you can enjoy top-to-bottom vehicle satisfaction. Today we are providing some times to give your car’s upholstery a good cleaning. We will also give a quick 3-step good car smell process too.

These Do-It-Yourself tips will have your vehicles upholstery feeling and looking like they just rolled off the dealer’s lot.

Overtime people often spill a little bit of coffee here, drop a piece of chocolate that ends up melting over there, some residue from your child’s road sickness, and who knows what else. Here are our tips to help you get your upholstery and carpets in like-new condition (and smelling fresh too)!

To restore your car’s upholstery to like-new condition:

  • 1) Gently brush your upholstery and carpets to loosen dirt before you vacuum.
  • 2) Vacuum upholstery and then carefully sponge a mixture of water and ammonia on it. You can use ammonia based all-purpose cleaner.
  • 3) If you want to go a step further you can look to repair frays in the carpet or upholstery by using a liquid resin or adhesive. For specific product recommendations it is best to ask on-site at your next oil change or service appointment.
  • 4) Keep your car’s rubber mats looking new by adding the tire treatment. Most of us first pull the mats out, spray them with a high-pressure hose, let them dry, and put them back in the vehicle. If you want to take your floor mats to a 10 a tip is to first scrub on a tire/rubber cleaner, spray off, and use a tire spray to darken them back up.

Stain removal tips:

  • -> The best stain removal advice is to clean up spills quick. Use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to sponge as much of the spill from the upholstery as possible before using any cleaners. When you apply cleaning solution, just dampen the upholstery and soak up the stain. Don’t get it wet or rub the stain deeper into the fibres.
  • -> For most stains, a mixture of hot water, dish detergent and white vinegar will do the trick.
  • -> For really greasy stains dab with a little bit of paint thinner.
  • -> For ink stains, try hairspray.
  • -> For vomit and blood stains, use club soda or baking soda with water.
  • -> For vinyl seats, simply apply baking soda to a damp rag and wipe clean.
  • -> For stubborn stains you may have to use a steam cleaner
  • -> Once the stains are out to your satisfaction, spray the upholstery with an auto interior fabric protector. This solution will make future spills easier to clean.

Make your vehicle SMELL good:

  • 1) Turn on the Air Conditioning -> Park your car in a well-ventilated area, set the parking break, open the hood, and with the engine still running, set the AC/Fan to high on the “Fresh Air” setting.
  • 2) Freshening the AC System -> Step out of the car and look for the cowl vent located in the engine compartment (you can ask us to show you next time you’re in). You may find a screen in front of the cowl vent. Spray the deodorizer directly onto this screen. After a few minutes, you should be able to smell the deodorizing spray inside the vehicle.
  • 3) Now for the Heating System -> You will now have to follow the same procedure to eliminate odors from the heating system. Turn off the AC, turn on the Heat and repeat!

Enjoy your freshly cleaned vehicle!



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