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Cloudy Headlights

One of the most dangerous and often overlooked safety hazards of a vehicle are improperly treated headlights. Dirty, foggy, cloudy, discoloured, and oxidized headlights are a danger for everyone. Especially at night, dimly lit and cloudy headlights are one of the most dangerous contributors to severe night time accidents.

Whitby Ontario Cloudy Headlight at Mechanic

Cloudy Headlight


The risks of dimly lit or cloudy headlights affect both the driver of the vehicle and others these more dangerous vehicles have to share the road with. For the driver, cloudy headlights drastically limit visibility which minimizes the time for a driver to be able to react to what is happening in front and around us. For other drivers on the road, especially on-coming traffic it can be more challenging to see the vehicle and judge the distance.

Beyond night additional hazards exist. Spring and summer rain showers and winter snow storms can great reduce visibility. Cloudy headlights in a heavy downpour on a busy back country highway can spell disaster.

Cloudy headlights can reduce light coverage by as much as 60% drastically limiting safe driving.

What causes cloudy headlights?

half cloudy half clean headlight at whitby mechanic autoshop

Part of the headlight that is under the hood sometimes does not get cloudy


The average vehicle on the road these days is approximately 10 years old. After 3-4 years the outer plastic lens cover on the headlight deteriorates and becomes cloudy and foggy. In almost all cases, the discolouration is on the outside of the lens cover, not the inside.




How can I remove the risks from cloudy headlights and clean them?

whitby ontario cloudy car headlight

Using Pro Street Automotive’s Cleaning Solution to Clean Headlight

There are over-the-counter products you can purchase that offer varying degrees of effectiveness. Most auto mechanics do have a service to clean your headlights with a price tag between $70-$100.

At Pro Street Automotive, we take a different approach. Over many years of vehicle service, or both classic and modern cars, we have formulated an exceptional method to cleaning vehicle headlights. Our process uses a cleaning compound mixture and buffering. When complete your headlights look like they are brand new. One client was so excited with the results, he never even knew his headlights had a little Volkswagen emblem inside.

Who gets this service and how much does it cost

At Pro Street Automotive we treat our customers like family. Regular customers enjoy this additional service completely free of charge while the vehicle is being serviced for other things in the shop. It is a THANK YOU! from us for trusting us with your vehicle road safety.

Headlight in Whitby that is Cleaned at Mechanic

Clean Headlight!

If you have never been to us before, let us know you read about the service here and depending on how bad your headlights are we will charge you a minimal amount to cover our time so that you can experience our service for yourself.