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Heating & Cooling

Engine combustion temperatures can reach over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. That amount of heat can cause tremendous damage to your engine. A properly maintained cooling system is essential to your engine health. An engine that overheats and lead to seizing.

No one wants to be that person on the side of the road, hood up, steam in face, wondering what to do… at Pro Street Automotive we inspect your cooling system to prevent potential problems before they start.

There are some good warning signs to make yourself aware of. If you ever experience one of the common warnings below make sure to swing by our shop so we can inspect a little closer. Catching a cooling system problem early can save you considerable repair and replacement costs.

Vehicle Cooling System

Vehicle Cooling System

Cooling System Warning Signs:

Coolant Light Comes On

If the coolant light turns on while you are driving, it is telling you the engine is hot. This could be due to low coolant. You can try filling up the coolant again (let the engine cool before releasing the cap) but if the light comes on again, come to see as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage. It could be as simple as a small leak or crack.

Temperature Gauge Higher or Lower Than Normal

Your temperature gauge should sit in the normal range (middle). If it is rising above or slipping below it could indicate a fault in the vehicle's cooling system. This may be simply leaves covering the radiator or something much more serious.

Heater Isn’t Working

Your vehicles heater runs off the same coolant that courses through the engine. If your heater is not working this is a sign of cooling system failure.

Coloured Fluid Under Engine

Seeing an orange, pink, or green puddle in your driveway indicates leaking antifreeze. Antifreeze is bright in colour, sticky, sweet to smell (and taste - not recommended).

Air Conditioner Not Working Properly

If your air conditioner is blowing heat, not blowing at all, or if the air smells these are all signs of engine cooling system problems.

A Sweet Smell

One of the properties of anti-freeze is a sweet smell. If you detect a sweet smell inside your vehicle or a sudden film on the inside of your windshield, your vehicle's cooling system could be leaking.