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There are thousands of part that make up a vehicle. None are more important than your vehicle’s transmission. For many people, the conversation that exists around a transmission failure is “Do we keep the vehicle or do we scrap it?”

The transmission, or gearbox, changes the gear ratios of a vehicle as it moves. It allows the internal combustion engine, best utilized to run a high rotational speeds, to provide a range of speed and torque outputs necessary for travel.

The best way to minimize expensive transmission repairs is to be able to detect problems very early on.

picture of a transmission system

Vehicle Transmission System

engine clutch transmission drive shaft rear wheel

Simple Diagram of Transmission in Vehicle System

Transmission System Warning Signs:

A delay, or refusal, to shift into a gear

Leaking fluid under vehicle

A burning smell as you drive

Screechy or clunky type noises

A feeling of shaking or grinding when shifting gears

Check engine light is on